Hi! I am the author behind this blog and am delighted that you found me!

Originally from Germany, I now live Sweden and work as a PhD student (in Sweden pursuing a PhD is considered work while at the same time you are still studying…).

I decided to start this blog mainly because of two reasons:

  1. I was/am not really good at keeping track what I read and how much I read. I tried to write some notes in reference management systems, but that does not really work for me (even though I should spent more time on that). The result is that I quite often forget to summirze articles or write down some notes and I do feel as if I am not reading enough. My hopes are that by keeping track what I read on a weekly basis I will feel a bit better.
  2. Pursuing a PhD is difficult, it has its ups and downs. However, I have been struggling a lot with mental health and imposter syndrome and I hope that writing a blog about my thoughts will help me a bit with that too (kind of like journaling). My aspirations are that other PhD students might find my words encouraging or that they can recognize themselves…for me this is very personal, which is why I started this blog anonymously.

Let’s try out this blog thing for a year and we’ll see how it goes!