Podcasts on Big Thinkers

I have recently found a couple of great podcasts about philosophy, which I thought I would share!

  1. Soziopod


Why I like it? The two hosts (Patrick Breitenbach Nils Köbel) discuss numerous topics (identity, work…) by raising critical interview-like questions to each other. They illuminate the subject from the perspective of various philosophers, sociologists and others, while keeping they ptentially dry topics humerous and interesting. Gets me thinking everytime I listen to it!

2. Philosophize this!


Why I like it? Philosophize this can be summarized by: “GET TO THE POINT!”. Short, coherent and beginner-friendly summaries of the works of some of the biggest thinkers of our time. If I read a name and do not really know what that person stood for or what his/her stance was, I quickly look up Philosophize this! to get an idea.

I will continuously update this page!

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